Rainwave API - /api4/sync

Presents the same information as the 'info' requests, but will wait until the next song change in order to deliver the information. Will send whitespace every 20 seconds in a bid to keep the connection alive. Use offline_ack to have the connection long poll until the station is back online, and use resync to get all information immediately rather than waiting. known_event_id can be added to the request - if the currently playing event ID (i.e. sched_current.id) is different than the one provided, information will be sent immediately. This allows for gaps inbetween requests to be handled elegantly.


Field NameTypeRequired
user_idintegerRequired, anonymous users OK. (user_id == 1).
offline_ackbooleanNot required.
resyncbooleanNot required.
known_event_idpositive_integerNot required.