Rainwave Current Song Widget for Twitch Streamers

We highly encourage you use Rainwave as background music for your streams! All our music is volume-normalized and ad-free, perfect for background as part of a stream!

Content ID Concerns

The tl;dr is use OverClocked ReMix/OCR Radio. You are completely content ID safe when you do!

To see the long version, click here.

How To Use in OBS

  1. Add a Browser Source to your scene in OBS Studio.
  2. Configure your widget below. If you know CSS, you can tune the CSS directly to your liking using the Custom CSS tab.
  3. Copy your widget's URL to the browser source and use the recommended source width/height displayed below.
  4. Tune in to Rainwave using your browser or media player to play in the background.

Your Widget

Your URL:

Plugin width:
Plugin height:

The preview will be larger here than on your stream if you use OBS to downscale the size of your image before streaming.